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West America
Film Company

International and National Award Winning Independent film production based out of Los Angeles, California. We believe in the power of storytelling, and the impact of diversity represented on the screen and behind

the camera.

To Matter - Feature Film (Trailer) 2023

BEST FIRST TIME DIRECTOR - Los Angeles Cinematography AWARDS LACA - 2023-2.png
Best Feature Film - Ukrainian Dream Film Festival - 2023 (1).png
BEST ACTRESS - Dubai Festival - 2023-3.png
BEST FIRST TIME DIRECTOR - London Independent Film Awards - 2023.png

Our Services

Gage Tapia | Sound Mixer

Red Flamingos Feature Film

“Working with the director John Bombay was a behind the scenes look at passion on set. Respect, jokes, and fun were to be had. I believe you can see that through the film Red Flamingos."
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